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About us

“The idea to build a low energy or passive house which saves money at the construction and needs very low heating/cooling has always been our choice. And it is good for the environment too!

From family homes, town houses, social housing, elderly homes, city hall buildings, hotels, student accommodations, office projects to industrial constructions, any shape or size is possible with ECO BUILDING.

If you calculate the building costs and add an estimated 10 years heating/cooling cost, compared with a traditional construction, you will immediately understand that nothing can beat the ECO BUILDING technology.

The ECO BUILDING products offer specialized solutions to construct well-insulated underground parts of the building, outside walls, floor slabs and roofs.”

It has never been faster and easier to realise your dream

Time Savings

A building layer takes barely 2 to 3 working days, the creation of a complete house, from foundation to roof, takes only a few weeks. Each block is 25 cm high and with a standard block you can finish around 5 m2 of structural wall per hour. 

It makes this construction method up to 6 times faster than traditionally bricked and insulated walls.
A reduction in construction time not only saves working hours, but also reduces credit costs and rents.

profit in living space

Walls built with EB blocks are relatively narrow. In order to achieve the same heat conduction coefficient, a traditional wall will have to be about 30% wider than the EBG wall.

This means that for a house of 140 m2, about 5 m2 of living space can be gained and is an important issue when selling the building.

Good for the environment

EB energy efficient homes avoid tons of CO2 emission. Moreover, they can very easily be combined with green energy, such as solar panels, because they are almost energy neutral or even passive.

Energy Efficient

Cost Effective

Seismic Stable

Luxury Feeling